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Growers republic Eagle 1000W full spectrum with UV+IR for indoor cultivation, high-quality

Product Details:
Place of Origin: USA
Brand Name: Growers republic
Certification: UL8800,UL1598,DLC,CE, TISI
Model Number: FLT-GL10E546
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: To be negotiated
Price: To be negotiated
Packaging Details: 1PC/Ctn,
Delivery Time: 15-30days
Payment Terms: Western Union, T/T, L/C
Supply Ability: 300000pcs

Detail Information

Material: Aluminum Light Spectrum: Full Spectrum
Lifespan: 50,000 Hours Warranty: 5 Years
Beam Angle: 120° Size: L1730*W1087*H56mm
Input Voltage: 120~277V AC/277~480V AC Power: 960W@277V AC
NW: 13kgs/28Lbs Mounting Height: 15-60cm/0.5-2ft
High Light:

Full Spectrum LED Cultivation Light FCC


1216W UV IR LED Grow Light


Aluminum UV IR LED Grow Light

Product Description

       Growers republic Eagle 1000W – A Reliable, High-Performance Lighting System          

Product Description:

Growers republic Eagle 1000W is an innovative and reliable LED cultivation system designed to provide a full spectrum of light to promote healthy growth and development of plants in indoor settings. With advanced full-spectrum LED growing diodes, this full-spectrum LED growing light provides a powerful yet energy-efficient source of light with a frequency of 50-60 Hz and a power of 960W@277V AC. Crafted with highly durable aluminum material, this LED agriculture lighting is built to last, backed by a 5-year warranty.
The Full Spectrum LED Grow Light with UV+IR options is designed to provide an optimal lighting spectrum for both vegetative and flowering stages of plant growth, allowing plants to take full advantage of the energy provided by the light to reach their full growth potential. This full-spectrum LED cultivation system is also designed to be easy to install and use, and can be used in a variety of settings, from greenhouses to indoor grow rooms.
Whether you’re a professional grower or a hobbyist, the Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights is an ideal choice for providing your plants with the ideal lighting spectrum and maximum growth potential. With its advanced full-spectrum LED growing lamp, long-lasting aluminum material, and 5-year warranty, the Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights is a reliable and high-performance lighting system for your plants.
Growers republic Eagle 1000W full spectrum with UV+IR for indoor cultivation, high-quality 0Growers republic Eagle 1000W full spectrum with UV+IR for indoor cultivation, high-quality 1


  • Product Name: Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Input Voltage: 120~277V AC/277~480V AC
  • Frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Beam Angle: 120°
  • Size: 68"L*43"W*2.3"H
  • Keywords: Full-Spectrum LED Cultivation Light, Full-Spectrum LED Grow Light, Full-Spectrum LED Grow Lamp, UV+IR lamps

Technical Parameters:

Beam Angle120°
Max. Ambient Temperature95F/35C
Warranty5 Years
Power960W@277V AC
Input Voltage120~277V AC/277~480V AC
Lifespan50,000 Hours
Light SpectrumFull Spectrum with UV+IR


Growers Republic's FLT-GL10E546 Full-Spectrum LED Growing Light is a reliable, high-performance, full-spectrum LED grow lamp made in the USA with aluminum material and 120 degree beam angle. This device is designed to provide a full spectrum of light with 50-60Hz frequency for indoor cultivation. This full-spectrum LED cultivation device comes with a 5-year warranty, so you can be sure that your growing needs will be met for years to come. With the Growers Republic FLT-GL10E546, you can enjoy the benefits of a full-spectrum LED growing light without any worries.


Packing and Shipping:

Three-fold LED Grow Lights Packaging and Shipping:
Growers Republic's FLT-GL10E546 can be foldable three time to protect diodes during transit  and save delivery space with less cost. It will be packaged securely in a cardboard box,1pc/box, with extra padding to ensure the product is not damaged during transit. The box will display all relevant information regarding the product, including the company name, product model, and specifications, installation manual. The package will be shipped via a reliable courier service and will be tracked to ensure it arrives at its destination safely and on time.

Growers republic Eagle 1000W full spectrum with UV+IR for indoor cultivation, high-quality 2



How much light do plants need?

Each plant species (and sometimes even particular cultivars within the same species) has a particular DLI (daily light integral) requirement for optimal photosynthesis and plant growth. Plants are generally grouped into low, medium, high and very-high light species, so ensuring you are delivering the right light intensity is imperative for plant health, productivity and year-round consistency.

Most plants need an average of 12-30 mols of light per day in order to produce a high-quality, high-yielding crop. For commercial growers, the use of supplemental lighting is essential, especially November through February when naturally occurring outdoor DLI values are typically between 5 to 15 mol/day.



Is indoor gardening really a trend?

Yes – today one in three households are growing their own food. Indoor gardening appeals to those who want fresh, healthy food year-round. Gardening indoors eliminates the challenges of unpredictable weather, poor soil conditions, pests and weeds.


Should I make the switch to LED lighting?

There are undoubtedly many benefits to growing with LEDs, including significant energy savings, spectral tunability, reduced heat, low maintenance and long lifetimes.

However, converting to LED technology is a big investment, so growers should be sure to do their homework in advance.

An incremental cost of four to five times that of HPS, means you have to look at many factors to determine if the ROI on converting to LED makes sense.

Growers should consider not only the initial capital expenditure costs of the luminaires themselves, but also the incremental costs associated with a transition to LED lighting. Growers in northern climates, for example, will have to compensate for the loss of heat from the traditional light sources in the winter—so the additional heating costs should be factored into the ROI calculation.

A good way to get a true comparison between the cost of LED versus traditional lighting is to look at the cost per µmol delivered, as the outputs can differ from one product to another.

What can I grow with my LED Grow lights?

LED Grow Lights can be used to grow a wide variety of plants indoors including seedlings, lettuce and other leafy greens, herbs, flowers, and fruiting plants such as tomatoes and peppers.

What Does UV Do for my Plants?
Think of what happens to your skin when you are exposed to the sun for long periods of time. It begins to burn and sweat. Plants are no different. UV light activates a plant’s defense mechanisms. UV causes plants to produce oils, antioxidant vitamins and flavonoids to protect themselves from the damaging effects of UV. These compounds produce the vibrant colors, smells and tastes of plants.
When the correct amount of UV is present, it:
◎ increases oils and resins
◎ increases root mass
◎ causes more branching and less stretching
◎ improves taste and smell
◎ creates higher potency plants
◎ increases resistance to insects, bacteria and fungus
◎ can speed up the seed germination process

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