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Adjustable Dual Full Spectrum UV And IR Grow Light 1200W 4x6ft High PPF

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Growers Republic
Certification: UL, CE, FCC
Model Number: FLT-GL12E546
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: To be negotiated
Price: To be negotiated
Packaging Details: 1pcs/box
Delivery Time: 15-30days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union,
Supply Ability: 30000pcs monthly

Detail Information

Product Name: Full Dual Spectrum LED Grow Lights With UV And IR PPE: 2.85µmol/J
PPF: 3466μmol/s Light Source: LED
Thermal Management: Passive Dimming: 0-10V
High Light:

IR Grow Light 1200W


IR Grow Light 4x6ft


High PPF Full Spectrum Light

Product Description

Your plants deserve the best. We'll help you give it to them

Description of Plant LED Grow Lights

Eagle1200W Adjustable Dual Full Spectrum UV + IR LED Grow Light covers a growing area of 4x6ft, with PPF of 3466µmol/s, and efficacy 2.85µmol/J. It comes with 5 years warranty with 0-10V dimming solution.



UV And IR Adjustable Grow LED Light Dual Spectrum – With high-intensity full spectrum (includes UV & Far Red), FLT-GL12E546 Growers Republic LED light provides broad-spectrum light, delivers 15% more light to the plant canopy, produces high quality crops with remarkable 35% energy saving than a 1200W DE fixture. Strategic diode placement increases uniformity of light delivery to canopy, perfectly cover 5x5ft (personal), 4x6ft (commercial) grow space.

Hight-efficiency LED Grow Light - Growers Republic LED grow light utilizes the latest in high yielding LEDs technology. Highly reflective panels redirect photons back to canopy to increase PPFD by 2% versus bar style fixtures, with 30% higher average PPFD 980 µmol/m²/s, market-leading 2.85µmol/J PPE, more cost-effective compared with other same type lights.

Slim & Foldable & Optimal Thermal Design - The fixture can fold up to 180 degrees, making it compact, free installation. It won’t take up much space, thus keeping your storage room tidy. Foldable structure design to protect lamp beads. Built-in large areas of solid aluminum heat sinks, essential for heat dissipation, ensuring long lifespan of the light, reducing heat stress on the plants and lowering HVAC loads.

Customized Dimming Design – Dimmability enables the exact dynamic PPFD control over each of plant growing stages, light output control to precisely control PPF output when paired with controller. FLT-GL12E546 LED grow light delivers highly adjustable PPFD levels throughout plant canopy, best for more uniform Density Buds. A maximum of 50 LED grow light lamps can be connected to one controller using a daisy chain setup. Up to 50 lamps per daisy chain can be connected using splitters, which is beneficial for large area of indoor growing and commercial planting.


Adjustable Dual Full Spectrum UV And IR Grow Light 1200W 4x6ft High PPF 0

Applications of LED Grow Lights

Widely Used - this plant LED grow light can be used for both hydroponics and indoor plants in soil, and perfect for you to grow plants.

  • hydroponics and indoor plants
  • home & office gardening, greenhouses
  • balcony
  • seed
  • seedling
  • breeding
  • flowers
  • herb
  • hydroponics
  • pot plants
  • fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, lemon, cacti.


Technical Specfications

Luminous Efficacy (PPE) (μmol/J)
PPF (μmol/s)
Full Spectrum (UV&IR Optional)
Light Distribution (Angle)
LED Chip
San'an Optieletronics
Warranty (Year)
5 Years
Brand Name
Growers Republic (OEM available)
Thermal Managemenat
Above Canopy
0.5– 2ft (15cm~60cm)




How UV And Far-Red Light Affect Marijuana Growth?


UV Can Increase The Production of Terpenes in Marijuana Plants
Like with human skin (i.e. sunburns),  marijuana plants are damaged by exposure to UV light. However, if the plants only receive a small, tolerable amount of UV light it can trigger defense mechanisms that may be appealing to growers. One example of this is increased terpene production which can alter the color and aroma of the flowers.
Additionally, UV has been seen to draw resin to the exterior of the flower giving them a frostier appearance. It is believed the plant uses the resin-like we use sunscreen to protect its cells from the damage of UV light. Both of these defense mechanisms have the convenient side-effect of making the flower buds seem more desirable and have a better curb appeal in dispensaries, however, this is not to get confused with the marijuana being “stronger” or more potent.


Far Red Light Increases marijuana Yield
On the other end of the spectrum, research has shown a direct positive effect of far-red light on marijuana plant growth. Far-red light is currently not included in the PAR range (light that can be used by plants for photosynthesis) which includes light with wavelengths between 400 to 700 nanometers. Testing has shown that far-red light is being used by the plant and does in fact contribute to photosynthesis. It is also better at penetrating deeper into canopies since it is harder for plants to absorb. It has been seen to have positive effects on plant morphology, specifically increasing the size of leaves.

Some researchers theorize this is because in nature when a smaller plant is underneath a larger plant or tree, they are hit with a higher ratio of far-red light, as other more easily absorbed spectrums are taken by the larger plant above it. This results in the plant increasing its leaf size so it is better able to capture what light does reach it. Therefore, including far-red light in the light spectrum would increase marijuana growth and yields.



What canopy distance should I hang the grow lights at?


As a general rule, you will have more even coverage and higher penetration if you hang your lights higher vs lower. Also, hanging lights to have overlapping canopy coverage would be better vs non-overlapping hanging arrangement.

Of course, if you are height limited then you must make due with the growing environment you have to work with. When height is restricted try to use a higher quantity of lower power units and arrange them to provide even coverage at the highest possible height your room allows.

Why do you recommend replacing HPS with LED grow lights watt for watt?

Our LED grow lights produce significantly more light output per watt than HPS grow lights (and more light per watt than most other LED grow lights on the market, for that matter), replacing watt for watt would provide much more light output even though you are using the same amount of electricity as with your original grow lights.
As you know, plants grow better, faster, stronger and produce higher quality and larger crop yields when exposed to more light. Just think how poorly plants grow in the shade or overcast weather vs direct sunlight.


Adjustable Dual Full Spectrum UV And IR Grow Light 1200W 4x6ft High PPF 1



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